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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Who Would Terror Supporting Dictator Hugo Chavez Vote For?

Hugo Chavez, who has installed al Qaeda members into his cabinet, would prefer John Kerry for President. Kerry is now pretending he doesn't care for such endorsements, but we remember how he bragged about their support not long ago.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

John Kerry is an admitted war criminal -- " I committed the same kind of atrocities " John Kerry, April 1971

-- And he really did

Tim Russert (the Lefty interviewer who got that statement from Kerry) doesn't want you knowing anything about that, though.

Who Would Usama Vote For? Or if you prefer, who would Osama, vote for?

Kerry voted multiple times to cut the CIA's budget and specifically voted to cut counterterrorism spending . . . after the first WTC attacks.


Who Would International Terror Appeasers Vote For?

1. Malaysia's Terror Appeasing PM, Mahathis Mohamad, openly endorses Kerry.

2. Spain's Terror appeasing, PM, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapteror -- who caved in to al Qaeda's demands that Spain withdraw her troops from Iraq -- says, "I want Kerry to win."


Who Would Iranian Mullahs Vote For?

1. Kerry beggars himself to Iranian Terror Regime

1A. And The Mullahs Are Drooling


Who Would Hezbullah Vote For?

1. Hezbullah Endorses Kerry and his Terrorcrat Party


Who Would the "Palestinians" Vote For

1. Yassar Arafraud Knows Who He Wants in Office


Who Would the Communists Vote For?

1. Kerry Has Been Bought by the Chinese

2. NVA General Giap Thanks Kerry's VVAW for Swinging the Tide of Victory to the NVA and VC

2A. Hanoi Jane gave Kerry and his VVAW her Cash. He'll have her vote, too.

2B. Communist front man, America hater Ramsey Clark, edorses Kerry

3. His 1971 "testimony" before Congress was, almost word for word, based on a Soviet misinformation campaign

4. Kerry's VVAW protested the Vietnam War while proudly waving Viet Cong flags and pictures of Mao.

5. North Korea's "President" Kim Jung Il supports Kerry and the Terrorcrats

5A. And Kerry, the traitor, brags about it!


Who will Terror loving American Muslims vote for?

1. C.A.I.R. and its supporters are already in Kerry and the DNC's corner

2. Kerry is their Superman


More importantly, who will YOU vote for? Will you vote for a man who awarded himself his own medals, along with Terrorists, Communists and traitors? Will you do that and weaken and destroy America? Or will you vote to preserve America and ensure her security?

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