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Friday, April 02, 2004
John Kerry Would Abandon the Iraqi People and the War on Terror

Thanks for the link, SDB.

Speaking of America’s presence in and commitment to the Iraq phase of the War on Terror, Steven den Beste says:

"If Kerry gets elected this year, he'll have to carry through with it."

Steven believes Kerry would have his hand forced because of:

1.”The Republican Congress.”


2. “The overwhelming will of the American people.”

Steven is mistaken. Kerry would NOT "have" to and both number 1 and number 2 are easily circumvented.

To shut up the American people the only thing Kerry would “have” to do is make a show of giving a damn and doing something, while spitting out some matching propaganda. And that’s exactly what he’d do.

And he would not require Congressional approval to begin pulling American military personal out of Iraq (and Afghanistan for that matter).

In the interest of holding on to the power he would have gained, John Kerry would maintain a token force in Iraq, for a time. However, immediately upon taking office he would begin cutting back our forces. As the number of our troops dwindled (unreported by an activist press and a spineless Republican Congress), violence would increase. Then, in the interest of ending a real quagmire (intentionally created by President Kerry himself), and much lying about having done all that could be expected of him and more, he would eventually pull the plug on the few thousand remaining troops.

It was no accident that Kerry had a hand in the Communist victory in Vietnam, and it would not be an accident that he would have an even stronger hand in returning Iraq to the hands of madmen.
I have no idea why Steven expects Kerry to suddenly change his stripes, become the uber patriot President who fights valiantly against Terrorists and defends America to the best of his abilities. Nothing in his history suggests this to be the case.

If we could reasonably expect Kerry to defend America as enthusiastically as Steven insists that he would, then there would be an honest second choice for President. Many millions of us with no party affiliation would love for that to be true. But it isn't, and pretending that it is is . . . suicidal on a national level.


Here's what I wrote in disagreement with the article Steven linked from.

Just because Joe Biden is, at times, a Centrist, doesn't mean that Europeans are wrong about Kerry.

Steven's post on a predicted Democrat lead WoT should Kerry gain the Presidency is the biggest bunch of nonsensical garbage he's ever written.
Especially after he'd written a post like the one condemning Democrats (yeah, yeah, SOME Democrats) for placing Party before country in using the 9/11 investigation for political gain during the WoT.

First, if Kerry didn’t instigate the investigation, he damn sure egged on those who did. He both called for it publically and demanded that Rice testify publically.

Steven damn near calls Rockefeller a traitor, because he pushed for this investigation, but then gives Kerry a complete pass for doing the exact same thing. It’s ridiculous.

Next, Kerry has spent his entire adult life working to:

1. Shut down America military action at the expense of those we were fighting to protect (Vietnam) and the expense of those doing the fighting,

2. Working to prevent American military action (including defensive action such as the reopening of the Gulf War),

3. Working to undermine our ability to gather intelligence (specifically attempting to cut the counter intel budget AFTER the first WTC attacks)

4. Working to cripple our military by denying it the tools and equipment it needed (voted 24 major weapons systems, including the Patriot missile, the Abrams tank, the Minuteman missile and the F-16).

5. Sided with America’s enemies, especially communist enemies, time and again throughout his career (including running his VVAW activities beneath the NVA flag).

Kerry is NOT an American first. He’s an America hater, first. That isn’t political hyperbole, that’s a fact based on his own myriad words and actions over the past twenty odd years. If he gains the Presidency he will NOT, in any way or manner, work to defend America. Quite the opposite. Europeans are not misunderstanding what a Kerry Presidency would mean. Steven is.

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